WOWCON and Flash Fiction

Hello lovely people,

Here’s a little update on my writing.


Last weekend heralded the first ever WOWCON – an online writing conference run by WriteMentor. About six months ago, I had a little Twitter moan about lack of opportunities for writers who are housebound. To my amazement, the wonderful Stuart White (who manages WriteMentor) saw my tweet and decided to do something about it. WOWCON was born.

The weekend was more than I could have hoped for – agent 1-2-1s, workshops and speakers’ videos all from the comfort of my couch (and bed). Importantly, these were also available for the following week which is vital for those who have limited energy.

Stuart asked me to write a blogpost about what a virtual writing conference means for someone who is housebound and here it is:

The Submissions Process from a Housebound Perspective

Throughout the year, there are several literary festivals for writers. They offer talks and workshops with publishing experts, one-to-ones with agents and the chance to network with fellow writers. They are FANTASTIC opportunities… for those of us who can attend. Unfortunately, for many of us, there are immovable obstacles in the way. Firstly, the entry fee for such festivals does not come cheap (we’re talking hundreds of pounds). Writers may have childcare responsibilities they cannot abandon or the location may be geographically out of reach. And then there are those of us who cannot attend due to their health (or lack of) – *waves hand*.

One such literary festival recently tweeted details of their event this year. Of course, I didn’t click the link, what would be the point? Only I did click the link, sucker that I am. I swooned over the list of agents providing one-to-ones. Some of my favourites! What an amazing opportunity to get feedback on my WIP! A wave of disappointment swelled through me. Here was yet another thing I couldn’t access because of my situation.

I have been ill with M.E. for over thirteen years…’

Read more here


I started dabbling in flash fiction a year ago. It’s lovely to work on short pieces of writing as a break from my middle grade novels. It’s also a great way to hone your writing. I’ve had a few pieces published which you can read here

Here’s my latest on Funny Pearls which I hope you enjoy.

‘The artificial lawn was the final straw

Retirement. A word to send icy fear trickling through my veins.

“Are you sure you want to be at home all day? You’ll get bored. You could work for another few years.” My voice wavered, an octave higher than normal.

But, ensconced in your armchair, slippered feet on the stool, retirement suited you down to the whiskers on your chin…’

Read more here


Finally, many of you will have seen that I signed a publishing contract for my debut novel TOBY AND THE SILVER BLOOD WITCHES with the small press March Hamilton in April of this year. More information here

I’m currently awaiting my first round of edits (eek!) and really excited about where this journey may take me.

In the meantime, I’m working on a number of other books (thanks brain), in particular a ghost story for upper MG, and a lower MG about underground gnomes. I’m slowly chugging away at the pace my health will allow. I know that there will be many ups and downs in the journey of these books but, as we writers all know, perseverance is key.


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